“Ecce Homo: The Paintings of Edward Beardsley”

By Jamie Solis

Posted November 15, 2012 in

Thru, Fri Dec. 14

Edward Beardsley has worn many hats at UC Riverside over the decades as a professor, dean of the Division of Fine Arts and the founder and program director of the UCR/California Museum of Photography—now contributing as an artist with an exhibit all his own. Featuring paintings from Beardsley’s recent series, “Ecce Homo,” to the prints compiled over the decades entitled, “Monsieur Souris,” every piece of work has a storyline that is more obscure and provoking than the one before—what else would you expect from a friend of iconoclastic musician Frank Zappa? Known for dark humor that is both disturbing and entertaining, chances are you’re already familiar with Beardsley’s work. Alice Cooper’s debut album Pretties For You (1969) features his painting on the cover, an image of a brunette girl lifting her dress and exposing her undergarments to an older suited gentleman clutching a mug of beer, a cake sitting on a nearby table—yeah, disturbing. The gallery presentation includes a limited-edition book for each collection, both available for purchase, as well as a screening of the film by Michael Papavero, This is Beardsley. Shocking images will command your attention and keep you wondering—exactly what happened to Beardsley as a child?

Sweeney Art Gallery, 3834 Main St., Riverside, (951) 827-3755; www.sweeney.ucr.edu. General admission, $3.


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