Free Smoothies from Panda Express

By Joe Martone

Posted November 1, 2012 in
Fri, Nov. 2

While it may be true that Panda Express is one of the furthest things from actual Chinese food that you can eat, sometimes the restaurant gets it right. This Friday, the company will be testing its new Panda Bing smoothies in select San Bernardino and Riverside County locations for a small window of time.  Download a coupon from the net and you’ll have your choice of Dragonfruit, Mandarin Orange Hibiscus, Mango Peach, Pineapple Lychee, or Melon. Hey, maybe you can write us back and tell us what you thought of the new additions. We can’t guarantee that we’ll publish you, but we’d like a heads up on what’s good or bad in the culinary world. If anything, the new beverage is bound to spice up your boring Orange Chicken order—stop lying to yourself, everybody gets Orange Chicken. Stop by and try it out, we’re fairly certain it won’t have any MSG (we are not liable if you get MSG).

Panda Express, 441 Magnolia Ave., Corona; 11090 Magnolia Ave., Ste. A, Riverside; 12610 Day St., Moreno Valley; 1160 E. Philadelphia St., Ontario; (800) 877-8988; Free, 2pm-5pm. 


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