“Straps & Stripes”

By Gabriela Mungarro

Posted November 1, 2012 in

Thru Wed, Nov. 7

Wearing a red Angel’s baseball cap with the radio tuned to the latest game is how Leigh Salgado gets her amazing abstract art work done, but it’s not the ordinary art most of us are used to seeing. Salgado’s dimensional interpretations of lace, netting and other clothing patterns can be described as sculpted drawings. Keep in mind that everything you see, even the smallest details, are done by hand which is something to consider when observing her sculptures. One beautifully designed and intricately created piece features multiple pieces of clothing. Take a step back and the content behind the piece is unveiled as a collage of dresses worn by the famous female characters in The Wizard of Oz. Alongside Salgado’s work will also be the creations of Michael Maas’ biomorphic-abstract style paintings. They might remind you of early ’60s modern wallpaper (no, not those tacky ugly floral ones) or even something Andy Warhol would have hung in his living room. With inspiration from Salgado’s detailed work, Maas’ paintings give the viewer a sense of simplicity in repetition. Step back, however, and the viewer becomes enveloped in the complexity of the pattern. It’s all exclusively available to see in the heart of Pomona—if lost, look for the big bunny holding a gun. The exhibitions we’ve seen in the past at the Bunny Gunner never disappoint.

Bunny Gunner Art Gallery, 266 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 868-2808; www.bunnygunner.com.


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