The 15th Annual Choreography Festival

By Jamie Solis

Posted November 8, 2012 in

Sat, Nov. 10

Most competitions wouldn’t require opponents to cooperate, keep stellar timing and exude strong chemistry with one another. For the 10 dancers who dream of winning the 15th Annual Choreography Festival and taking home the $5000 grand prize, the classic advice to keep friends close but enemies closer is all too familiar. Past winner Olivier Wevers, as well as seven first-time competitors will battle-it-out with unique and provocative ballet-inspired dance that’s more than traditional pink leotards and pointed slippers. The classic orchestra music sets an upbeat tone as groups and individuals fluidly  change formations on and off stage, using their bodies to narrate a story to the audience. Showcasing both strength and flexibility, ballerinas are lifted leaps and bounds above their competition, soaring gracefully through the air in elegant costumes. Imaginative contributions from Milwaukee Ballet, ENTITY Dance Company, Backhausdance, University of Arizona, iMEE, Ballet Boy Productions and more will bring talented professionals to the McCallum Theatre—keeping top competitors on their pointed toes.

McCallum Theatre, 7300 Fred Waring Dr., Palm Desert, (760) 340-2787; 7pm. $15-$25.


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