Woven Together: Art and Design in Southwest Indian Textiles

Posted November 21, 2012 in

Thru Dec. 30

Don’t miss your chance to appreciate art, even if at first it reminds you of what grandma has packed away in her old linen closet. Each of the 64 textiles displayed at the Palm Springs Art Museum’s newest exhibit Palm Springs Art Museum exhibit, “Woven Together: Art and Design in Southwest Indian Textiles,” was hand woven thread by thread by a Navajo or Pueblo Native American, until it resulted in a bold and representative design. Many of these varied blankets, rugs and pictorial weavings represent the spiritual relationship that man—and woman—have with nature, something valued highly in Native American society. You can witness how—with time, technology and trade—designs progressed from simple geometric patterns of red, yellow, black and white to vibrant and elaborate pieces of work, often featuring picturesque mountain landscapes with men on horseback and livestock grazing the land. Learn more about Native history and culture with this exhibit entitled, and see if grandma is hoarding something more valuable than you previously knew. (Jamie Solis)

Palm Springs Art Museum, 101 Museum Dr., Palm Springs, (760) 322-4800; www.psmuseum.org. $12.50.


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