Healthy in Both Body and Wallet

By Ashley Bennett

Posted December 20, 2012 in Eats

The Solei Bistro will make the “eat healthier” resolution of the new year easier than…a chicken wrap

Christmas is right around the corner and for the first time, I’m prepared. My shopping list is complete and now I get to sit back and enjoy watching others frantically try to find the Turbo Man or Skylanders toys—whatever new-fangled plaything that kids ask for these days. Unfortunately, now I’m thinking too far ahead. Like, New Year’s resolutions far. My mind is racing with places I want to go and things I want to eat (or avoid eating). Do most people meet these goals? Nope. I didn’t meet mine last year either, especially the whole “eating right” part. I pondered how I’ll set myself up for failure over during 2013 was stressful—until I discovered the Solei Bistro. It’s Mediterranean-Asian fusion, and the fact that each dish is inspired by fresh and healthy ingredients is a major relief.

It’s technically in Corona but lies more on the border of the spacious hills of Lake Elsinore. The location is in a nice Vons shopping center, not necessarily new but well kept. Despite the growing housing around the nearby hills, it’s a longer drive getting off at Indian Truck Trail from the mainstream Corona area. However the Solei Bistro is the place to frequent if you want to stay true to the number-one most sought resolution to “eat healthier.” The Spring Rolls are the perfect first step on a road to healthy living. It’s simple: lettuce wrapping up bits of grilled chicken, sweet potato noodles, carrots and cucumber all rolled in a mildly sticky rice paper. It only takes one bite for my body to detect health in the vicinity. It’s been a while. A side peanut or honey sesame sauce adds a bit of flavorful kick to this unique dish.

The all-out healthy choice would be Solei’s Mediterranean Salad. Plenty of romaine lettuce decorated with parsley, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives and Mediterranean dressing. The plate is vibrant and much more inviting than your average, distasteful house salad. While you’re getting a ton of veggies in the mix, there’s also the added salty balance of vinegar-laden olives and my favorite salad topping, feta cheese. On the other hand, the “Mediterranean dressing” is actually raspberry vinaigrette, decorating the dish with a sweet and appeasing pink appearance.

Calm down meat eaters, there’s plenty here for you too. I got to try a hybrid of the Grilled Kabob Entree which gives you the choice between veggies, shrimp, chicken or beef. Alongside a smaller side of the Mediterranean Salad and some deliciously sautéed veggies, my plate had three skewers (with four pieces of shrimp, chicken or beef on each) sitting atop a bed of rice. All of the meats were fresh and flavored; the shrimp was my favorite with the subtle but enticing Cajun seasoning and flavor. The dish is just as massive as it sounds; you’re getting more than your fair share of food-group combination here.

Much familiar to the Mediterranean food lover, wraps abound here, too. The Grilled Chicken Wrap is a massive amount of grilled chicken and salad greens sitting inside a fresh pita wrap that barely hold in all of the food. Don’t worry, a side of salad comes with this one too. By then I’m overly confident: Bring on the crisp and crunchy cucumber!

You don’t even need to wait until 2013 hits to start this healthy habit and unlike preparing food at home, it’s not a chore to let the pros at the Solei Bistro do it for you. Especially when you know that by visiting, you’ve got one resolution that’s totally in the bag.

Solei Bistro, 11882 De Palma Rd., Ste 2K, Corona, (951) 479-8554; Sun-Mon, 10am-9pm. AE, D, MC, V.


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