200 WEST

By Lynn Lieu

Posted December 6, 2012 in Music
MEMBERS: Jon Pacheco (vocals), Adam Cordova (drums), Greg (bass) and Chris Galarze (vocals/guitar).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Rancho Cucamonga and Fontana.

 KINDRED SPIRITS: “We all listen to everything. We are huge fans of music. Many great bands of the past like The Beatles and The Police have inspired our music,” says Chris Galarze.

“Our main influences have been from the Southern-California music scene. We are all huge fans of Sublime and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, anything that has that West Coast sound and vibe we really get into and draw from.”

RECENT RELEASES: Other Things EP (October 2012). “We are currently recording more songs that we plan on releasing in early January 2013 for free on our website,” says Jon Pacheco.

WEBSITES: www.200Westmusic.com.

FREQUENTS: The Press, Claremont.

The heels of two nationwide tours this year, 200 West returns home, but only for a moment. The group—consisting of Jon Pacheco, Adam Cordova and brothers Greg and Chris Galarze—began before the music started. “We are all good friends so the band in many ways has been around as long as we’ve all known each other,” says Chris Galarze. This year, the band hit the road for five months, passing through 30 states and even ventured into Canada. “. . . Touring really allowed us to find ourselves as musicians and as a band,” says Greg Galarze. “It enabled us to share our music with lots of people and we also were able to get a closer look into the many different local music scenes all across America.” Returning home simply means recording and making more touring plans. This week we catch up with the busy group as they embark on a slew of local SoCal shows.

How would you describe your music?

Adam Cordova: Our music is a reflection of us as individuals, and as a band. We’re all Southern California-raised kids that grew up listening to the West Coast music scene. This has led us to make music that has that West Coast sound and feel.

How has the band evolved since its formation in 2005?

Chris Galarze: As songwriters we try not to place any limitations on styles or influences. The band has gone from beginning as an acoustic group in 2005 to having the more full sound we have now. We are always trying to become better song writers and musicians and this has allowed us to keep pushing the music forward and let it evolve as it will.

Can you tell us about your five month long tour you completed this year?

Greg Galarze: . . . It enabled us to share our music with lots of people and we also were able to get a closer look into the many different local music scenes all across America. Being able to play songs we wrote at home, in the IE, for different people across the country was a very humbling experience. We played a lot of shows, met some awesome people and wrote many new songs that we are currently recording and will be releasing in January 2013.

200 West at The Famous Lighthouse Café, 30 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach, (310) 376-9833; www.thefamouslighthousecafe.net. Every first and third Tuesday of the month.


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