Assuming We Survive

By Lynn Lieu

Posted December 20, 2012 in Music
MEMBERS: Adrian Estrella (vocals), Kris Pasos (drums), Manny Molina (guitar), Phil Adams (guitar) and Joe Lawson (bass).
Redlands and Rancho Cucamonga.
KINDRED SPIRITS: Thrice, Strung Out, Four Year Strong and Bad Religion—just to name a few.
RECENT RELEASES: Life Gets Worse Than This (May 2012).
FREQUENTS: The Glasshouse, Pomona; Friar Tucks, Pomona; Stingers, San Bernardino; Romano’s, Riverside and Redlands; Second Avenue Saloon, Upland. “We’ve also played the Lucas Oil Off Road Expo for the past three years,” says Adrian Estrella, “and we play House of Blues often (Anaheim and Hollywood).”

There’s an old cliché that goes something like this, “Punk is dead.” With that came a backlash from punk lovers especially here in the IE where so much of it coalesced forming a “punk is alive” and “it will never die” mentality.  Assuming We Survive is one of those bands that just can’t get enough punk. “Punk will never die. You can’t kill something that has that much history, that much meaning to so many people,” says Phil Adams, guitarist for the band. Adrian Estrella, vocalist, believes it’s so much more than just a sound. “To me punk is about making your own decisions, your own views on government and  being yourself in a world that conforms to what they think the standard is,” he says. “Punk is very well alive, we see it every day in musicians—artists of every kind.” With such conviction, it’s no wonder this young band is our Band of the Week.


Can you tell us about your recent experiences on Vans Warped Tour this year?

Kris Pasos: It was a dream come true. I’ve been going to warped tour since I was in jr. high and always dreamed about playing there. Met a lot of cool people and got our CD into the hands of some very prominent people.

Adrian Estrella: Growing up in Dominican Republic, I had cable and always watched MTV, dreaming of one day playing Warped Tour, so finally I can say I have! It was so much fun to play at the same show as many of my musical idols have. What an honor! The best experience was sharing that moment with my band. We all have the same dream, so it was nice to do it together!

Phil Adams: We only got to play one date but it was amazing! We played the Ernie Ball stage. We had a great crowd. All the people went off! I got to see Four Year Strong for the first time. They freaking killed it! Had a great day with so many awesome bands and people.


What can we look forward to with the band?

Manny Molina: Bigger better shows, insane energy and fun times at those shows. A lot of new stuff coming soon!

Adams: . . . Maybe have our own fragrance out by next summer . . . We will call it “Survive Passion . . . Assuming.” (Lynn Lieu)

Assuming We Survive with Implants; I, Omega; Cromwell and Hammers and Hearts at The Glass House, 248 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; Fri, Jan. 4. 7pm.  


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