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Posted December 27, 2012 in Music
MEMBERS: Brenda Cabral (vocals/guitar), Adrian Rico (drums/guitar), Aaron Christopher (bass/guitar) and Aaron Alexander (guitar).


KINDRED SPIRITS: The Pixies, AFI, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Saosin. “We really love rock music, and these are just our top favorite bands,” says Brenda Cabral.

RECENT RELEASES: Never Compare EP (August 2011).


FREQUENTS: The Wire (Upland) and The Shoppes (Chino Hills).

Like many bands Society Falls has gone through a number of lineup changes. At its core are vocalist and guitarist Brenda Cabral and drummer and guitarist Adrian Rico. “I formed the band and I always wanted and want to move this band forward,” says Cabral. “Our love for music is unconditional.  Adrian and I wanted to prove that to our fans; in fact, our single ‘Stay’ reflects on this message as well.” In its latest EP, Never Compare, the band expresses its belief that it’s important to let go of what’s in the past and move forward. And that the band has, that’s why it’s our Band of the Week.

How did your band form?

Aaron Christopher: Music is something each of us was born with, and we use music to escape from our troubles and reach others. The band was formed during our high school years by a couple of classmates and Brenda.

Can you tell us about Never Compare?

Adrian Rico: Never Compare EP was recorded in 2011. It includes eight tracks; each one has its own story and message.

Brenda Cabral: Never compare the past with what’s present.In life many people especially the youth have troubling pasts. Society Falls feels that it’s important to let go of what’s in the past and move forward.

Rico: Our songs in this EP really reflect on that message with every song carrying its own story.

What’s in your future?

Cabral:  We have a music video coming up for our latest single “Conclusions.” In addition, we’re going into the studio to record our second EP, along with many shows to be scheduled in 2013.

Aaron Alexander: Maybe you’ll get to hear us on the radio sometime in 2013!

What can you tell us about your upcoming show?

Cabral: The Wire is our favorite hometown venue to perform at; they’ve always welcome many bands to put on a great fun rock show. We can’t wait to wrap up 2012, playing here at The Wire. Please come out and join us!

Society Falls at The Wire Art and Music Venue, 247 N. 2nd Ave., Upland, (909) 985-9466; Sat, Dec. 29. 7pm. $10.

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    This is a great article! Society Falls you guys rock!!

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