By Derek Obregon

Posted December 6, 2012 in

Photo by Travis Shinn

Sat, Dec. 8 

Try and imagine yourself immersed in the nostalgic sounds of a classic American rock band that is positively uplifting. These songs will echo familiar tunes like any other performance but this is no mere concert experience—it’s more than the average show . . . more like a Journey, perhaps? Yes, the band Journey, who has been enlightening rock since 1973, will be coming right through the IE. You could say that Journey is the band that knows no boundaries when it comes to generations; it will have you holding onto your parents (and possibly your grandparents) as everyone sings along with “Don’t Stop Believin’.” And ever since Filipino singer/songwriter Arnel Pineda was added to the Journey line-up for his spectacular voice in YouTube videos, the band has seemed to grow in achieving even more international success. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been caught belting out the words to “Any Way You Want It” at home, in the car or at work when we thought no one else was paying attention but you don’t have to hide it anymore. Take advantage of this opportunity to be in a sea of people—including mom and dad—singing the words more passionately than you ever could.

Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino, 84245 Indio Springs Dr., Indio, (760) 342-5000; 8pm. $69-$149.


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