King of the Smoker

By Joe Martone

Posted December 6, 2012 in

Sat, Dec. 8

There may be no greater gridiron than the glory of grilling. The La Quinta Resort will be playing host to the first King of the Smoker invitational competition, where a few select masters of the BBQ pit will be competing for the chance to be the best and the $50,000 prize isn’t bad either. Between four meat categories of brisket, chicken, pork and spare ribs, the very air you breathe will unbearably tease you. The afternoon-long event will have a winner by 5pm, but there’s plenty to do until then. Many of the cooks will have events and demonstrations that will have you feeling like a world-class chef in your own kitchen. This grill-off will host a number of new and returning champions such as Chef Johnny Trigg who will be showing off his knife skills, Pigskin BBQ’s own Scott Nelson who will show you the magic of BPS Rubs (Big Poppa Smokers, for those not in the know) and so many more mouth-watering displays that will make your gut burst with delight. If you haven’t worked up an appetite at this point, you certainly will when you get served by award-winning griller Neil “Bigmista” Strawder and Simply Marvelous Barbecue’s own Stephan Franklin. Regardless of who wins, whoever attends is sure to feel like a champion.

La Quinta Resort & Club, 49-499 Eisenhower Dr., La Quinta, (800) 598-3828; 1:30pm-5pm. General $15, VIP $30. 



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