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Posted January 10, 2013 in Music
MEMBERS: Xplicit

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Lake Elsinore (E-Town)

KINDRED SPIRITS: “Old school West Coast rap. Stuff like Warren G, Brotha Lynch Hung, NWA, Ice Cube . . .”

RECENT RELEASES: Cartunez Volume 2 (June 2009). “The album coming out in March of 2013 will be titled Straight Out The Trailer.”

WEBSITES: www.xplicitraps.com.

FREQUENTS: “The only shows Abstract Records has done in the IE have been small party gigs, our bigger shows were always in Orange County and Los Angeles . . . I’ve played all over the world[, including] Afghanistan twice! And my favorite show [was] when I performed at the 2008 annual Gathering Of The Juggalos, [a] 3-day festival in front of over 8,000 people. Although, with the release of this next album, we will be hittin‘ venues in the IE hard!”

Coming back from a three-year hiatus in rap—especially for an independent artist in the game—is like returning home from a tour of duty. Things have changed; there are adjustments to be made; people don’t know you like they used to. For rapper Xplicit, who served in the Army and has been deployed to Afghanistan before, this feeling has become the atmosphere preceding his next release. The result: a project he ensures is his best work to date. He took some time out of his steady grind out in Lake Elsinore to let the Weekly know a little bit more about his background and his future.

How would you describe your music?

Hardcore rap put in a blender with horrorcore and gangsta rap.

How did you get involved in music?

I’d always loved rap music since I first was introduced to it, around 5 years old. I was drawn to it because of the fact that I could incorporate my growing skills as a writer and be in creative control of every instrument in my songs. I found it very appealing that I could showcase all of my skills, and the more I got into it I realized that I had found my spot in the music world. After performing with a few other local rappers and creating freestyle tapes to hand out, I got to the point where I decided to get serious about my passion and begin recording as a solo artist.

Can you tell us about your new release?

It’s a derivative and a play on words from the classic NWA album Straight Outta Compton. It will be the first solo album I’ve released in three years, and will be my best work to date. The album be jam-packed with new material. Unlike the NWA album (that tells the story through the eyes of a gangster in Compton), my album will tell my story. The story of life, ranging from Southern California’s trailer parks through the eyes of us scrubs and everyday low-lives, to my time in the Army being deployed and the experiences of war through the eyes of me and my fellow soldiers.

What do you love about the IE?

The list would be far too long, but one of my favorite things would have to be the weather. I know a lot of people don’t like how hot it gets here, but I love it! I’ve always hated the cold and rain and snow, so this place is as good as it gets to me!

What do you hate about the IE?

The tweakers! We must live in meth head central or something, ’cause they’re everywhere! On second thought, even the tweakers that run around here make everyday life interesting and entertaining for the rest of us, so I can’t even say I hate them.




    Good to see somebody from E-town puttin it down! Love the new single too!

    ie thugsta

    x is the shit…been bangin out quality tracks for over 10 years now and always gettin better….keep soldiering homie!!!! Much Luv


    The album “Straight Out The Trailer” is now available for FREE download at my website http://www.xplicitraps.com for everybody to check out.

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