Behind the Times

Posted January 31, 2013 in News
The news that the Boy Scouts of America is reconsidering its perspective on gay scouts and leaders has been hailed as a noteworthy and progressive step forward. Little do they know is that they’re behind the curve and Redlands are leading the way. Pack 24 took a stand last August (when the BSA publicly clung to its exclusionary anti-gay standards) and proclaimed that they would not discriminate against anyone on the basis on sexual orientation . . . and they’ve being doing fine ever since. Well, one parent refused to back the decision and they risked losing their charter, but overall Redlands Cubmaster James Rich has received an outpour of support for his declaration on behalf of the pack. If the Boy Scouts changes its mind, the policy will be left for the individual packs and troops to decide, but most of these kids are too young to know what the word “gay” even means. Plus, adult leaders should be judged on how well they take care of the kids and make things out of leather, not who they’re dating. Come on America, Redlands is more progressive than the rest of you. Look at your lives, look at your choices.


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