Message in a Bottle: Don’t Drink

Posted January 17, 2013 in News
It’s a good principle never to accept gifts from strangers, but does that have to be extended to power companies as well? Pacific Gas & Electric has been giving out bottled water to the residents of Hinkley that exceeds the minimum level of chromium 6 set by the regional water board. Chromium 6 (or hexavalent chromium if you want to sound smart) is a chemical compound used for creating stainless steel, leather tanning and pigments in dyes. However, an excess of chromium 6 can cause cancer and the water was found to be twice over the set limit. Their punishment? Nothing. There’s technically no punishment for this violation, but the company is pulling the water samples and promises to test them before release. This might teach them a lesson, but then again this is the same company Erin Brockovich busted in 1993 for poisoning the local water if the same town. Wait a minute; is anyone else getting serious déjà vu?


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