No More “Gotcha!”

Posted January 3, 2013 in News
San Bernardino’s got problems. Lots of problems. Crime, filing for bankruptcy, crime, bankruptcy . . . crime. But here’s one thing residents in that city don’t have to worry about anymore: red-light cameras! Whoo-hoo! The company that operates the city’s camera system apparently packed up its gear and left because the city didn’t pay the bill, according to The Press-Enterprise. “We’re out of the red light camera business,” City Attorney Jim Penman told the newspaper. The cameras were halted on Dec. 7, and all pending traffic tickets will be dismissed, Penman said. At one point, there were cameras at a dozen intersections. Murrieta banned red light cameras late last year, and several other IE cities have done away with the massively unpopular surveillance cameras. It’s a new day in San Berdoo, y’all!


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