“Artisans of Musical Design”

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Thru Sat, Jan. 26

Music holds an important role in shaping the culture of societies around the world—songs give us a unique form of communication that encompasses the passion of the individual while celebrating the beauty of life. Multi-talented musicians have tapped into their artistic sides for centuries, crafting quality musical instruments that are as diverse and unique as those who created them. Such sound-producing devices are currently featured in the, “Artisans of Musical Design” exhibit. Don’t expect to see these imaginative instruments for sale at Sam Ash—these are one-of-a-kind sound making sculptures that pleasure the eyes as well as the ears. Local artisans Kirk Delman, Jason Farthing, Simon Hill, Steve Goode, J.T. Whitney, Richard Barnes and Larry Porgreba showcase a range of styles and designs that put a new spin on traditional and non-traditional instruments alike. Some of the instruments on display include rare pieces, like cajóns, that bring originality to the exhibit—the master of the cajón creates a beat by sitting atop this percussion piece and rhythmically slapping the plywood front of the small decorated box. There are custom wind instruments on display as well, including didgeridoos with craftsmanship so fine it’ll knock the air right out of you. Once you’re entranced by the overwhelming duality between art and music, settle behind the interactive collection of drums and help channel those positive vibrations throughout your very own beat making skills.

The dA Center for the Arts, 252-D S. Main St.,. Pomona, (909) 397-9716; www.dacenter.org

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    Join us for the closing party tomorrow, Saturday, January 26th, 3:00 to 10:00 pm.

    Live music, Cigar Box Guitar building demonstration, beautiful guitars built by Martin Maudal from locally harvested wood and much more…

    Join the fun, play a drum, or dance. Just do it!

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