Michael Ryan And Friends

By Ashley Bennett

Posted January 3, 2013 in

Fri, Jan. 4-Sun, Jan. 6

March is far off for the national inspiration of green hues and folk-like music that is St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s never too early (or too late) in the year for some good ol’ Irish influence. Leader of the show is Michael Ryan, a classical guitarist and songwriter, who annually travels throughout California, bringing some of that classic authenticity to fans. Once he’s finished for the year, this Irishman dons appropriate garb to perform at the “Peter and Paul Fest” Renaissance Festival in Germany. Better yet, while not on the go Ryan teaches classical guitar at the local University of La Verne to boot. Ryan enjoys diving into culture with a passion whether he’s dressing up for the part or teaching others about his knowledge, all of which is especially evident in his annual show “Michael Ryan and Friends: Spirit of Ireland.” Accompanied by a handful of talented and practiced musicians, singers and dancers, the show is full of both upbeat Irish tunes as well as the more ethereal sounds of the Celtic. With a few catchy pub songs as proof, audiences will get a chance to see intense foot movement from the step dancers. Ryan, alongside a few other individuals, sings with the familiar accent we can all identify, nailing the essence of an optimistic tune that any Irishman would gladly raise his or her glass to. Nothing says dedication and love for the Emerald Isle than a show that brings Irish music to you when it’s not St. Patrick’s Day.

Candlelight Pavilion, 455 W. Foothill Blvd., Claremont, (909) 626-1254; www.candlelightpavilion.com. Fri-Sat, 6:45pm. Sun, 12:15pm. $25. 


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