Twelfth Night

Joe Martone

Posted January 3, 2013 in

Fri, Jan. 4-Sat, Jan. 5

Leave it to the Old Riverside Foundation for Historic Preservation to celebrate an old and anachronistic holiday. Traditionally, Twelfth Night was a festive party held twelve days after Christmas (the song makes sense now, right?). The tradition dates back to the Elizabethan era (possibly earlier) and was even commemorated by Shakespeare, who even wrote a play entitled Twelfth Night. Now, it’s a lovely dinner party where you can dress up in semi-formal or even period attire. Maybe if you plan this right, you can even get your outfit to match one of the stylish old fashioned homes (some which date back to 1891) which the parties will be taking place. Why devote so much time and effort into a two-night event? It’s probably a different crowd than you’re used to and you could afford to mix things up a little. We’re betting that plenty of you reading this made a New Year’s resolution to try new things. This is as good a start as any; get your tickets online and reserve your dinner dish today. The only thing you have to risk is a good time, and your date will think you’re incredibly cultured as a bonus. Your magical night will begin at the Mission Inn Hotel, where a horse drawn carriage awaits you. That’s a start to an unforgettable evening.

Starts at the Mission Inn Hotel, 3649 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 683-2725; 6:30pm. $85. Must make reservations.


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