Castle Pines

Posted February 7, 2013 in Music
MEMBERS: Jesse Briseño (bass), Nick Barrientos (lead guitar), Sterling Fairfield (drums) and Leandro Barrientos (vocals/rhythm guitar).CITY OF ORIGIN: Corona.

KINDRED SPIRITS: “Wilco, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, My Morning Jacket, Nirvana, The Wonders, Brand New.”

RECENT RELEASES: Bless This House, released in fall 2012.


FREQUENTS: The Wire (Upland), Back to the Grind (Riverside), The Lounge (Corona) and Fender Museum of Music and the Arts (Corona).


May we introduce you to Castle Pines—an ensemble of four hip guys serving up an easy-to-listen-to sound with a fresh attitude. Deriving the band name from the street of the Barrientos brothers’ family home in Corona (which they sadly lost in 2008), it’s no surprise Castle Pines’ music speaks of inmost emotion. Leandro keeps your attention singing about the distant days of youth when things seemed simple, rocking a recognizable lyrical influence that breathes Arcade Fire. Although Castle Pines faced tragedy in their younger years, the band harbors substantial dreams of the future, sharing a vision of playing Coachella—and they may have a shot one day, Bless This House certainly fits the bill.

How do you describe your music?

Leandra Barrientos: A mixture of raw angst and ideas filtered through the individual playing each instrument. Our writing process is a conglomeration of opinion and more-so emotion that climaxes in our sound. Sometimes we don’t know where it comes from but we just go with it.

Tell me more about your songwriting process.

Barrientos: We usually come to a practice session as a full band . . . The band works together to create something new.

How did you come up with the name of your EP?

Barrientos: The first thing most people do [when] they move into a new home is ask their certain higher power or god to “bless this house.”

How would you describe Bless This House?

Barrientos: It took the band a solid year to finalize the concept of the album, but the whole album was recorded over two days [with] around 16 hours of studio work. The album is dynamic in its scope; it takes listeners through the journey of coming of age and losing identity at the same time of questioning certain patterns of their own reality . . . “I Saw You on the Radio” is a paradox of reality in the confusion of senses, but it deals with the loss of friendship and eventual freedom through the knowledge of knowing that [the] world is still turning. (Jamie Solis)

Castle Pines at The Wire Art and Music Venue, 247 N. 2nd Ave., Upland, (909) 985-9466; Fri, Feb.8. 7pm. $10.


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