Mad n Mack

Posted February 21, 2013 in Music
MEMBERS: Madison Marie (vocals), Mackenzie Paige (vocals), Dylan Roy (drums), John Minn (guitar), Nick Hall (guitar) and Jaime Martinez (bass.)

CITY OF ORIGIN: Rancho Cucamonga

KINDRED SPIRITS: “Our influences include (but are not limited to) No Doubt, Paramore, Evanescence, Aerosmith, U2, Pat Benatar and The Rolling Stones.”

RECENT RELEASES: And So It Begins . . . (April 14, 2011) and Everyone’s Watching (January 21, 2013) “Our first album is more pop-rock, with many different types of music included to create a very diverse album; our second album is more pop-punk and has a more centralized sound. We have matured greatly between the two albums, both musically and as a band, being able to work and progress together.”


FREQUENTS: The Wire (Upland), House of Blues (Hollywood/Anaheim) and The Roxy (Hollywood).

Growing up on the stage as musicians and sisters, Madison Marie and Mackenzie Paige admit that although there are advantages to working closely with your sibling—like being able to stand up for each other and hang out with your best friend and family all the time, they’ve had to learn to accept their differences because they can be quite dissimilar at times. While the band name, Mad n Mack, is simply the abbreviated first names of these two that share the vocal spotlight, the band’s musical influence is a result of vast collaboration—with four musicians that come together adding their personal styles, as well as the creative input from producer Nick DiCarlo. Added together with hard work and a lot of energy, their tunes are the modern pop-punk princess’ anthems for having fun and living carefree. The Weekly was able to catch up with Madison Marie and Mackenzie Paige and get some insight into their art and love, music.

How do you describe your music?

We are mostly pop-rock and pop-punk, but have traces of all kinds of rock: alternative, ska, ’80s and acoustic to name a few. All of the members bring different styles and tastes to the band, which in turn creates a distinctive and solid sound.

Tell me about your songwriting process.

[We] collaborate to create the lyrics and music for the songs and go to Nick DiCarlo to have him record, produce and master them. There are at least 10 different mixes for each song recorded; the mixes chosen are the ones which sound best with the band and the ones which everyone agrees will sound best both live and recorded. We really try to make the live performance sound like the songs everyone hears on the album and vice-versa; however, we will often add in a few surprise things here and there to be sure that no two shows are precisely the same.

Are there any advantages/disadvantages to being in a band with your sister?

The advantages would be that we will always be together; but that is also the main disadvantage. We help each other out and stand up for each other when needed, but things can get kind of awkward if we disagree on something (especially if the band is around). We have learned to become more of a team and less of individual musicians and also to be more accepting of our differences, considering that we are so opposite to each other. But in the end our differences are what make us so strong—our different personalities lead to differing musical strengths, which facilitate our writing. Because of that we’ve become closer not only as musicians but sisters as well. (Jamie Solis)

Mad n Mack at The Glass House, 200 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; Fri, Feb.22. 7pm. 



    This band is awesome. They are a very unique sound live. I have seen them at the House of Blues and they are seriously good. Great job guys and hope to see you around soon.


    Great article! :D #M&M4LIFE

    Shannon Roy

    They’re awesome! Catchy music and lots of energy while performing. You’ve got to seem them live!!!

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