Youthful Indiscretion?

Posted February 7, 2013 in News
They say life imitates art. In this case, life was like the missing subplot from 21 Jump Street. Two dozen students have been arrested in an undercover drug sting at Chaparral and Temecula Valley high schools, according to The Press-Enterprise. However, the arrests are embroiled in controversy. Most of the students being arrested are under 18 for illegally selling marijuana and one of them is on record as being an autistic special education student. The student in question was befriended by one of the undercover cops. According to the ACLU, this may constitute entrapment and a major violation of privacy. On the other hand, Special Investigations Bureau head Capt. John Pingel says the arrests prove that the program is a success, and is “an efficient way to curb drug dealing in schools.” Does either side have a valid point? Should we be happy that these kids aren’t illegally dealing? Is this going to become a major motion picture with Channing Tatum? We’ll leave the opinions to you, guys.


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