Experimental Sound

Posted February 14, 2013 in

Sat, Feb. 16-Sun, Feb. 17

In all forms of multimedia—whether it’s an independent film or an experimental video–sound pays a compliment to each visually stunning masterpiece. Without sound and music, art wouldn’t have the ability to provoke our emotions with the same intensity. For those interested in creating music or excited to enjoy creative works by various artists, there will be live performances and educational workshops to get your creative juices flowing at the Riverside Art Museum’s “Experimental Sound for Visual Artists and Filmmakers.” One skilled sound artist, Glenn Bach, will be sharing basic recording techniques and primary audio principles in his workshop using Audacity, the open source audio editor. David Casey is known for having his work displayed all over Southern California. Now this musician is providing tips on using the incomparable audio sequencer, Ableton Live, for interactive installation and live performances. For those intrigued by Logic Pro, you’ll want to meet Daniel Eaton—the masterful trombonist, recording artist and teacher, who will not only teach you the basics of how to use the audio program, but also how to approach the art of sound with his creative and contemporary perspective. For those not afraid to drop a pretty penny on Pro Tools, Philip Mantione is delivering a short presentation on using this software that has become an industry standard.  Finally, Alysse Stephnian, an artist with a wide range of works from videos to photographs to web art, will be there channeling the importance of being politically and socially aware through her projects.

Riverside Art Museum, 3425 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 684-7111; www.riversideartmuseum.org.


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