Booze and Bacon

By Ashley Bennett

Posted February 27, 2013 in Web Only
Those seeking a daytime party in Riverside last weekend had the time of their lives at the 4th Annual IE Beer and Food Festival where there was much eating, boozing and laughs to be had. How could a ticket, which included 15-30 tasters, have any other such effect? That is, if you don’t mind waiting 20 minutes to use the restroom. (Or if you’re that guy that decided to go urinate behind a truck. Your actions did not go unnoticed, sir).The local brewery list was extensive, offering local tasters from the heart of Riverside, Ontario, Redlands and Claremont to the farthest reaches of the OC.

But of course there were food trucks present to heroically soak up all of the alcohol in those empty stomachs with a range of everything from pizza to grilled cheese (or for the sweet seekers, cupcakes and waffles). The lines were enormous, and it felt like the food was a the titillating light at the end of a dark tunnel of hunger. For me, the light came with bacon, bacon and  more glorious bacon.

Photo by Ashley Bennett

The Baconmania truck, which is often found traveling in Orange County, brought its “unapologetic man-food” to all of the alcohol-laden bellies at the fest. Those who were looking for a guilty pleasure of fattening but filling mouthful of awesome found it in the Mac Fries. Fresh batches of gooey mac and cheese are topped with some classic skinny fries, more cheese and bacon (no surprise there). It’s a concoction that is no doubt perfected by the crunch of a generous amount of bacon bits. I would have stabbed up all of those delectable goodies if I had received a fork instead of a spoon. It felt like they were teasing me.

(Photo by Ashley Bennett)

The All-American Sliders on the other hand seemed to be a new addition to the Baconmania lineup and it’s a good thing too (if more people knew about these mini burgers they would have sold out immediately). The order takes a long time to make, mainly because the beef patties are mixed directly with bacon bits (there’s no half-assing this by just sprinkling a tiny scoop of bacon on top of the burger). Decorated with extra lettuce and ample BBQ sauce on a toasted bun makes it everything you’ve ever loved in a burger, and then some with bacon lovingly baked inside.

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    Astro Brown

    Thats me standing in line! ( With the hand on my wifes shoulder!) That is the only thing that i could complain about at the festival. We had an awesome time!

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