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Posted March 28, 2013 in Music
MEMBERS: Ultra Gash Inferno


KINDERED SPIRITS: Franz Liszt, George Frideric Handel and Richard Wagner.

RECENT RELEASES: Mental/Physical (Feb. 2013)

WEBSITES: ultragashinferno.bandcamp.com.

FREQUENTS: Sorrel in Temecula.

(WEB)BOTWAn artist that has been experimenting with different types of music since childhood is putting an experimental and expressive twist on traditional music. The self proclaimed “chaomimphonic” sound is described as short, chaotic symphonies. Such an interesting sound comes from how vast, yet how empty the Inland Empire can sometimes feel. It can make you question everything. “My mind races. The nothingness that the area provides is enough to tip me over and spill my heart. For that, I’m grateful for the infamously dry IE.”

What are your influences?

For this album, in the bracket of time I had composed all of the songs, I was inspired by a number of things like communes, sexual relationships, tabloid stories, marriage and a couple of Twilight Zone episodes that I felt affected by (season 1). In short, people. My life is filled with strange encounters with them. I’m known for it.

How did you get involved in music/how did your musical style form?

I gravitated toward music at an early age. I couldn’t say how old exactly, but I know I loved it. I started with the school choir at age 7, violin at 8, guitar at 10, bass at 12, drums at 15, and I explored other instruments in the midst of all that. The bass was always my main focus, forming thrash/fusion/psych bands most of the time. I was living in Humboldt County about three and a half years ago when I dove into beat programming. I’m just now beginning to cope with the fact that music is my wife as well as my mistress. My obsession with working on my personal evolution in music gets me in trouble in a number of aspects of my life.

Would you care to explain the inspiration for the album Mental/Physical?

I wanted to produce an album that consisted of my writings, beat programming, and live instrumentation. There’s a line drawn between these elements and to me, that’s what Mental/Physical is. It just so happens to be all we are on Earth.

Is there anything you hate about the IE?

The lack of artistic culture scares the shit out of me. There is no real “scene” for the younger, more artistic crowd. We all seem to be hiding out in our caves. My friends and I are putting in our efforts to change that. We run an event called “Therapy.” It occurs on the first Friday of every month at a restaurant/bar called Sorrel—super cool vibe. We go from some real soul shit, to some dirty beats, to experimental/ambient types and so on. Really great tunes you don’t usually hear anywhere else in the IE. We have some rad electronic/experimental artists (Whipple, Maskarade, Feend, Manofue Wurdz, Mike Gao, F.U.Z.Z., etc.) perform and we also feature some amazing painters on these nights. I was fortunate to play my first set there.

Anything else you would like us to know?

Feel free to follow me via twitter @UltraGash and download my music for free at ultragashinferno.bandcamp.com.


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