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Sat, March 16

Don’t let expectations get you down if you haven’t lost the pounds that you swore to lose at the start of the new year. There’s still hope for a fun and interesting way to get in shape, even if your attempt is three months late. Skip the treadmill and go for The Graffiti Run, otherwise known as “the most colorful day of your life.” Don’t be fooled by the mention of “5K,” it’s only five miles and this track is unique compared to your average run around home. A non-toxic, non-rash inducing corn starch powder (assured to be totally safe) in the forms of green, red, orange, pink and purple will be thrown at runners. Literally. Volunteers set at “Graffiti Zones” grab a handful of color dust and launch it in your direction. Why? Because that’s the point: to get as completely covered with color as possible. Since you’re amidst the skills of both experienced runners as well as kids, there’s no need to feel bad if you decided to take a breather. When you reach the end of the run, you’ll be embraced by a post-5K Color Party where periodically, runners can throw color towards the sky (and each other). But if you’re all colored out there will be food, live music by DJ Eric and other festivities to partake in. Nothing says “I’m an interesting and healthy person” than a Facebook picture of yourself drenched in color-dust.

Sat, March 16. 8am-2pm. Fairplex, 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona, (909) 623-3111; Race starts at 9am. $60.  Wear white clothing. Pick up participant packets on Fri, March 15, 4pm-9pm.


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