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“Women Artists of the Permanent Collection”

Thru April 10

While women have not always been accepted into art with open arms, the Riverside Art Museum (RAM) has been an important supporter of the artistic contributions of the female gender the past 135 years. The upcoming exhibit, “Women Artists of the Permanent Collection: Mid-Nineteenth Century to Present Day” pays tribute to Julia Morgan, the outstanding architect of the RAM building, as well as the many others who have contributed to the majority of the museum’s permanent collection. The works reflect numerous art movements throughout history, including the Feminist Art Movement, Activist Art, Pop Art, Identity Politics and many more. Encompassing pieces that represent the many contrasting times gives us a collection varies widely in styles and ideas—a bold and up-close painting of a deep-red werewolf grimacing in front of the bright full moon, a piece centered on grey abstract swirls that resemble pencil markings on a neutral background and an image of a young woman posed in front of a blue background wearing a leather cap, black leotard and contrasting ruby-colored tights. Although the many works represent different eras, the overall themes tend to appeal to timeless universal truths that all women and men strive toward—passion, humor, personal identity, beauty and spirituality.

Riverside Art Museum, 3425 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 684-7111; www.riversideartmuseum.org. $5. 


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