Gourmet Irish

By Ashley Bennett

Posted March 12, 2013 in Web Only
I’ll be honest, the Inland Empire has some great cultural food (especially the Mexican food!) but when I began to scavenge restaurant listings for a place that offers genuine Irish fare, I came up empty handed. Half of the IE’s pubs might be named after Irish references but having Irish Nachos on the menu doesn’t make it an Irish restaurant, however delicious it might taste.

Union on Yale’s Cottage Pie however (also known as a Shepherd’s Pie) is a dish that more than earns it’s relation to traditional Irish cuisine. It arrived in a medium-sized skillet steaming with intense heat as it made its way directly from the kitchen to my seat. As I waited for the moment to dive in, I couldn’t help but admire the tantalizingly warm, hearty dish that was a perfect choice for a cold night. A crusted and golden-brown Irish cheddar cheese encased the top of the dish while underneath lay creamy mashed potatoes and ample bits of minced beef. I’ll admit that I only have images of my pre-dining experience; once I started eating I didn’t really stop until the pie was completely devoured.

(Off the note of Irish cuisine, I also got to take a bite out of the sweet Lyon Wings appetizer as well as my dining partner’s pizza of the day, the deliciously cheesy White Pizza, topped with spicy kale).
Photo by Ashley Bennett                                Photo by Ashley Bennett

Union embodies the very amiable nature often associated with the Irish. There’s a quaint bar indoors that’s perfect for conversing with old friends (or possibly making new ones) and a sweet outdoor bocce ball court that helps the community of Claremont bond and simply enjoy each other’s company. Union of course has a variety of cultural dishes and new inspirations but if you’re looking for a new way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, this place might just be it.

Union on Yale, 232 Yale Ave., Claremont, (909) 833-5104; www.uniononyale.com.


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