Juanita’s Bakery

By Ashley Bennett

Posted March 19, 2013 in Web Only
The weekly Redlands Farmers Market is a beast in the sense of size and participation. It’s got produce, fine baked goods, fattening and fried treats, vendors and a community that supports it all. Best of all, its home to quite a few locally owned and growing businesses; some that have already established themselves and a few just starting out.

Juanita’s Bakery fits into the new business category right now. When I came across it at the market, you can tell by the looks of the small table and simple presentation that Juanita’s has just literally began its business. There’s no actual bakery yet, or even (to my knowledge) a social media site to connect it with the world. But once a week the table is set and customers are buying up Juanita’s Coyotas. Who needs the internet, right?

That night, Juanita was selling some unique coyotas cookies. Unlike the traditional Mexican Coyotas, which are filled with brown sugar, these soft cookies were given a sweeter flavor in strawberry-guava jam. A bit of light sugar on top blends with the subtlety sweet taste of the jam mix, making a bite of one cookie into devouring of an entire box full. The jam might cause the cookies to have a fast approaching expiration date but eating them quickly is no problem. Trust me, I ate two boxes myself.

Every Thurs, 6pm-9pm. Redlands Farmer’s Market, 1 E. State St., Redlands.


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