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MEMBERS: Jason Kennedy (guitar, back-up vocals), Nathanil Tabor (drums) and

Allen Alamillo (lead vocals, keyboard).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Ontario and Avenal, CA.

KINDERED SPIRITS: Dream Theater, Machine Head, System of a Down, Iron Maiden, Rush, Queensryche and Faith No More.

RECENT RELEASES: Pseudo Reality E.P. (Feb. 2012).


FREQUENTS: Liam’s Irish Pub (Colton), Marquis Lounge (San Bernardino), Mexicali Bar and Grill (Riverside), The Vibe (Riverside), Kim’s Sports Bar (Riverside), Shamrock’s (Corona), Friar Tucks (Pomona) and Garage Inc. Pizza (San Bernardino).

(Web)BOTWAfter a life-long pursuit for the perfect sounding band to call his own, guitarist Jason Kennedy decided to form Slanderus. The band has taken its time gathering its core members, and is confident that its self-made E.P. showcases that perfect sound—pure and progressive metal. The band has played all over the Inland Empire but is currently looking for a solid bass player. If anyone is interested or knows someone that might be interested, joining this powerhouse metal group might be perfect—so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.

How did you get involved in music/how did your band form?

I came up with the band’s name, Slanderus, and then I put ads out on Craigslist and Recycler looking for members. I eventually found our drummer, Nathanil, who is an original member and our original singer and bassist. We have been through several singers and bassists, but we feel our current lineup is the strongest this band has ever had.

How would you describe the sound of your music?

All of us in the band share the same influences but we also each bring something new and original to the table. We don’t follow trends or try to sound like something we’re not. There are a majority of bands out there that seem to use a template for their image and sound. We have no template. We just write and play what we feel and try to make the best songs possible and I think we have something that everyone can enjoy. We have some new things that we are going to be incorporating into our live shows that no other local band is currently doing. The production of our future shows is going to be off the hook!

Can you explain the inspiration for the Pseudo Reality E.P.?

Since Allen joined the band in February of 2012 we have been wanting to record an E.P. of 4-5 songs to be able to give people an idea of what we sound like and something to remember us by when they come to our live shows, and for ourselves. Out of all our songs we tried to pick 4 for the E.P. that would showcase all of our influences and everything we do in this band. The title of the E.P. comes from a lyric in the song “Cold Reality.”

Is there anything you dislike about the IE?

That we are known for the bro-style type of people who wear flat billed hats and drive jacked up trucks and are obsessed with Glamis and Rockstar energy drinks. I also find it disheartening for the lack of understanding and appreciation of heavy metal music. Most people only care about what’s popular in radio and club music and have no idea what heavy metal is and what it’s all about. I believe there is a serious lack of rock and metal themed bars/clubs/venues throughout the IE. Most venues I have contacted to book shows discourage metal bands and only book top 40 cover bands which I think is sad.

Anything else you would like us to know?

If anyone would like a signed copy of Pseudo Reality they can send $5 to our PayPal account via or pick one up at any of our shows. We are also available for special events and house parties!


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