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By Jeff Girod

Posted April 4, 2013 in News
JeffGirodReward shmeward! So says Riverside Mayor William “Rusty” Bailey.

Mayor Rusty and the City of Riverside are refusing to pay its share of a reward for the capture of deceased cop killer, Christopher Dorner.

In February, Dorner killed four people—including Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain and San Bernardino Detective Jeremiah MacKay— during a 10-day shooting spree that spread to Corona, Riverside and San Bernardino. Dorner eventually committed suicide in a burning cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains after being surrounded by sheriff’s deputies.

At the time, it seemed like everyone—including the City of Riverside—would do whatever it took to catch Chris Dorner. Rewards poured in by the dozens and more than 35 donors pledged $1.2 million.

But Mayor Rusty said Riverside won’t be paying its share of a $100,000 reward. Because as Mayor Rusty sees it, technically Dorner was never captured or arrested. (Oh and technically Mayor Rusty is a sleazy, double-crossing tightwad.)

“The conditions were not met. So the arrest and conviction never occurred,” Mayor Rusty said. (Apparently Rusty has never heard of “no takesies backsies.”) “Information was not brought to . . . lead to the arrest, right? And that was the intent of the reward.”

Ooh my mistake, you needed Chris Dorner alive. Well, why didn’t you say so?

Dorner was so completely surrounded and trapped by cops that he felt his only way out was to shoot himself. I think that qualifies as “arrested.” It didn’t even cost the City of Riverside a bullet.

What did Mayor Rusty want instead? Dorner to undergo some lengthy incarceration and costly trial—then re-trials and cross-examinations to make certain Dorner’s civil rights weren’t violated while he was wounding and murdering police officers? Yeah, that’s much better.

So far, three people have come forward and tried to claim the reward money. There are also reports that Riverside doesn’t want to pay up because city officials believe profiting off someone else’s death is unseemly. (Almost as unseemly as faking a big reward.)

The LAPD said the reward should be paid. LA’s mayor said the reward should be paid. And in a recent editorial published by The Press-Enterprise, the City of Riverside is described as “shabby,” “hairsplitting” and “shifty.” The Press-Enterprise also compares Riverside’s decision to withhold the reward money to “the misleading come-ons of shady marketers.”

I’ll go even further: Riverside, you incompetent, thankless boobs. Pay the damn money, already. P-A-Y I-T. What’s 100 grand, one-third of one worthless city manager’s salary? Isn’t that better than the entire country not thinking you’re a lying bunch of ungrateful nincompoops?

By pulling the ol‘ bait and switch, the City of Riverside looks untrustworthy, corrupt and greedy. It makes one wonder—does Riverside even have $100,000 to pay the reward? (It’s a legitimate question since San Bernardino recently declared bankruptcy.)

Why should anyone believe anything the City of Riverside says anymore? Trash Day is Tuesday? Are you sure? Maybe city officials will cancel Trash Day because it’s too cold or hot outside. Or, “Well, we said it was Trash Day, but ‘Day’ is a pretty vague word open to interpretation and what we really meant was Trash Month or Trash Year.”

This is so shocking and amateurish, it makes one wonder how Rusty Bailey ever got elected mayor. Or maybe that’s exactly how Rusty became mayor—by making promises he doesn’t keep.

What is Mayor Rusty going to do the next time he needs our help catching a dangerous criminal? No one is going to believe him now. He’s like the little mayor who cried, “Reward!”

Way to honor the memory of two fallen police officers. I’m sure their grieving families are super pumped that Rusty’s city saved 100 grand on a technicality. And I’m certain, next election, local voters will ignore this national embarrassment and remember Rusty’s cost-cutting commitment to frugality. Way to go!

This is one of Riverside’s few bright shining moments in the national spotlight. There has been an outpouring of support for our fallen and wounded officers. Don’t screw it up with this cartoon sideshow.

Honor our fallen. Let the healing resume. And never take an IOU from Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey.

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