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(WEB)pick_adamSun, April 28

Imagine the manliest comedian with almost no filters, and then imagine seeing him live. Now’s the time to sit back with a glass of Adam Carolla’s “Mangria” and prepare for a slew of uncensored jokes. The former host of The Man Show is stopping by to record his acclaimed podcast although sadly none of the girls will be there with him. That’s alright though; the guy can hold the act on his own (maybe with a couple of special guests) and keep you rolling in the aisles. Plus, the guy has plenty of material to spread around: he survived the wrath of Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, he earned the anger of seemingly every civil rights group last year, he won the Toyota Grand Prix, he survived for a short time on Dancing with the Stars and probably has some great dirt on his cancelled Top Gear knockoff The Car Show. In fact, considering all the material he works on that does end up being cancelled at some point (Drawn Together, Family Guy), it’s frankly stunning that the podcast is as successful and funny as it is. It’s probably because it allows Carolla to be as undiluted and open as he can be while still being laugh-out-loud hilarious. Keep the kids at home and check your guilt at the door. You’re going to laugh and feel slightly bad about it the next morning.

M15 Concert Bar & Grill, 9022 Pulsar Ct. Suite H, Corona, (951) 200-4465; 7pm-11:30pm. $20-$35. 


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