Justin Worsham

Posted April 11, 2013 in
(WEB)pick_justinFri, April 12-Sat, April 13

Surprisingly, not all stand up comics are offensive. There may be a large and disproportionate majority, but clean comedians who don’t have to swear every ten seconds to get a laugh do exist. Rising among them is Justin Worsham, a hidden gem of the stand-up circuit who is about to get his chance to shine. Worsham is candid and hilarious when it comes to talking about his life. He remembers how he took sibling rivalry to a whole new level, how to survive your parents come Christmas time and how the tables have turned for him in becoming a family man. Single people of the IE: if you’ve ever wondered what its like to be married, you should listen to what Worsham has to say. His humor is prescient, honest and still manages to be ridiculously funny. He’s also not afraid to get personal. Worsham will give the audience a ribbing if they deserve it, or if it’s just too funny to pass up. The Modesto native has great exposure, working with the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Russell Peters and has recorded several albums that can now be heard on Sirius XM Radio. Listen to them if you want a preview, but Worsham is unquestionably an experience that has to be seen to be believed.

Flapper’s Comedy Club, 532 W. First St., Claremont, (818) 845-9721; www.flapperscomedy.com. Fri, 8PM & 10PM. Sat, 7PM & 9PM. $20.


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