Bagels Among Us

By Ashley Bennett

Posted April 23, 2013 in Web Only
Sometimes in its thick and greasy state, a burger just isn’t enough to satisfy for a meal (don’t deny that guilty feeling of lethargy after engorging a juicy, fat-ridden patty). Even the average sandwich just won’t do when our choices are only mediocre Subway or the expensive Jersey Mike’s Subs. Next time the hunger for a fulfilling lunch strikes, I guarantee that nothing will satisfy more than a fresh, well-layered bagel sandwich.

Of course the 5th Ave. Bagelry is, first and foremost, a bagel shop. Purchase bagels as you would donuts, gathering up a handful of fresh, flavored breads such as sun dried tomato, fruit or chocolate chip for a session of consumption later. Or keep it simple with just a bagel and a spread of cream cheese, jam or honey.

There's a ton of bagels to choose from! (Photo Credit: Ashley Bennett)

There’s a ton of bagels to choose from! (Photo Credit: Ashley Bennett)

The most enticing options from the Bagelry come from a variety of sandwich creations that populate the menu, some traditional and some deliciously unique. Of course, I couldn’t help but grab an order of the Corona bagel sandwich, being a local and all. It offers the perfect amount of roast beef and turkey, followed by the usual cheese, tomatoes and red onion. However the ingredients that make this tasty bagel amazing is the use of jalapenos to spice it up and a few slices of Californian grown avocados. With a fluffy sesame seed bagel to hold it all together (barely), it more than made my day. Plus it’s only $5.35, which includes any desired mayo or mustard and a choice of a pasta or potato salad on the side.

5th Ave. Bagelry's "Corona" Bagel Sandwich (Photo Credit: Ashley Bennett)

5th Ave. Bagelry’s “Corona” Bagel Sandwich (Photo Credit: Ashley Bennett)

If you crave dessert to follow, the Bagelry also makes fresh muffins (which more than embody the definition of a “muffin top”), fudge and other treats. So what are you waiting for?

5th Ave. Bagelry, 1210 Magnolia Ave., Corona, (951) 737-9555.


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