Homebound is Where the Heart Is

By Joe Martone

Posted May 16, 2013 in Arts & Culture

Before you Leave the IE–Stick Around: Five Staycation Ideas

A staycation can be a death sentence of Internet and TV for anyone without imagination, even more so in the sweltering Inland Empire. But, truth be told, there’s a lot to do around here. Here are five typical staycations you can do around here, and the suggestions to get you started on your own local adventure.

PlatesAround the World in 80 Plates

We have so many good restaurants around here that it’s kind of ridiculous. Foodies and gourmands alike could die of happiness dining in the IE, where locales are allowed to be a little more creative and fun. It’s easier to browse our website and check out our old food reviews, but if you’re going to start anywhere you can bust up your palate with Pomona’s Curry Up and the Dragon Loco restaurant in Ontario. These hidden gems will blow your mind with their deliciousness and set you on the hunt for more.



Back to Nature

Turn off your phone and leave the laptop at home. Let’s face it: we’re plugged in all the time; we need to get away from the constant stream of meaningless updates and junk emails. Head out to Rancho to check out Sapphire Falls, both stunningly gorgeous and easily accessible. If you want something a little easier to navigate, try the UCR and Cal Poly Pomona campuses which feel like nature preserves that are close to civilization.

glass of beer on a white background

Getting Drunk

It’s the motto of every college student and affluent housewife: when in doubt, drink. Anyone looking to get more than a little tipsy has a veritable haven in the IE. For the classy drinker, Temecula is doing wine country tours with discounts available online. For the rest of us, the region is peppered with breweries for everyone’s delight. There are plenty around, but start with Chino Valley Brewery or the Inland Empire Brewing Co. to stay local. Feel free to explore (with a designated driver).


Active Body

Look at yourself, fretting about your weight and paying for a gym membership you don’t even use. Your body is not a chore or a problem, it‘s a part of you deserves to get out and have fun. Walking through the nature choices is fine, but there are alternatives. Give your body a much needed adrenaline rush and check out some karting action at Pole Position in Corona. Hook yourself up to an awesome speedster and challenge your friends/boss/lover/pet to a race around the tracks. You can also cool down with a trip to the Icetown Rink in Riverside. Skating may not be a useful skill on the West Coast, but it makes for a great date and beats the heat.


Active Mind

Despite the heat wave, there’s no excuse for letting your brain fry up. The mind is a major muscle and you can’t waste it on TV shows and iPhone games. It’s easy to associate good culture with boredom, but there are fun places that expose this as faulty logic. The Candlelight Pavilion always has a great show running that will entertain, and Redlands holds its annual Run Through Redlands race every April.


There’s always something fun to do in the IE. You just have to go out and find it!


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