Lights and the Windows

Posted May 23, 2013 in Music
MEMBERS: Stefan Ross (vocals/keys/guitar), Devin Stannard (guitar/keys/MIDI sequencing), Brian Lewis (guitar/keys/MIDI sequencing), Austin Wallace (bass/loops) and Isaac Arias (drums).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Chino and Ontario.

KINDRED SPIRITS: “All types of music. We are all such huge music fans that it really would be too difficult to try and pin down [our] biggest influences. As a band it ranges everywhere from early to mid ‘90s alternative to punk/hardcore to progressive rock and jazz.”


FREQUENTS: The Wire (Upland).

(web)botwIn a world where light is music and windows are the musicians through which you can feel the warmth of sound—Lights and the Windows is the portal to instrumental bliss. In other words, this band has deep inspiration behind its name. Although Lights and the Windows wants to avoid pigeonholing its music into a “Pre-Post-Progressive-Rock” smash-up category, it is clear this band is comprised of skilled musicians with metal, rock and progressive influences. What makes band members stand out is that most of them can play multiple instruments, bringing more insight and clever possibilities to every performance. Let their loud inventive groove take over your ears and inspire your creativity.

How did your band get together?

Devin Stannard: This whole band came together through the power of Craigslist. So to anyone who thinks that [Craigslist] is hopeless now in finding new and talented musicians, keep the faith! It worked for us!

What makes Lights and the Windows’ sound stand out from other bands?

Austin Wallace: This band is chock full of some seriously amazing talent. We have a very unique sound in the sense that we aren’t trying to fit into any specific genre.

Tell me about your song writing process.

Brian Lewis: Each member of this band has incredible song writing capabilities. We are all multi-instrumentalists as well, which often times seems to give us almost too many options to choose from. Our writing process is very open-ended, one person will come with a general skeleton of a song and each member from that point figures out their individual parts.

When and why did you decide to add a vocalist to the mix? How has it affected your sound?

Stannard: Honestly, in the back of our minds we have always wanted a vocalist. But, since finding a good vocalist that also understands the vision and is not just wanting instant fame in some commercial project was such a pain, [so] we just went forward as an instrumental band for some time. Then Stefan miraculously appeared on our doorstep, [now] here we are!

Stefan Ross: Well I’m pretty sure they were shooting for someone that could sing a rock opera, but they settled for me. I aim to make them proud.


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