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MEMBERS: Eric Hyman (drums), Hovig Sarkissian (lead guitar), Stephen Fong (rhythm guitar/lead vocals) and Nate Guzé (bass).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: “[We all] came down to Riverside for school and that’s where Pococurante was formed.”

KINDERED SPIRITS: The Mars Volta, Blink 182, Deftones, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, George Clinton, Omar Rodriguez Lopez ,Queens of the Stone Age and many more.

WEBSITES:  www.facebook.com/pococuranteband, www.poco.bandcamp.com,

www.soundcloud.com/pococurante and www.twitter.com/pococuranteband.

FREQUENTS: The Barn (Riverside) and The Vibe (Riverside).


(WEB)botwDeep inside the bustling bars and coffee shops of Downtown Riverside lie great people and lots of local music. One band that’s beginning to emerge is an effects-driven rock band with some jazz/funk influences, called Pococurante. Each member brings a different musical taste that collectively covers a variety of sounds. It formed after jamming and entering UCR’s Battle of the Bands and has been devoted to its fans ever since. Inspiration is found all over the place, and sometimes, a coffee mug is filled with more than just coffee.

Why did you choose the name Pococurante?

Hovig Sarkissian: I found that word on a mug and it really appealed to me for some reason.

Eric Hyman: I remember when we looked up the word Pococurante. It meant “nonchalant, indifferent.” This seemed to match the attitude of our band in that we really don’t seem to care about what kind of songs we make. We just love to jam and do whatever gives us that creative twitch.

Sarkissian: But more simply, it just had a nice ring to it.

How would you describe the music?

Hyman: I can’t say that we are one genre, that wouldn’t give our sound justice. We have an eclectic sound with many mood swings; some songs are ambient, some are dancey and others are aggressive and technical. We’ve all put a little something into every song but I would say the general consensus is that we’re mostly influence by jazz. Stephen and Nate bring the smooth and groove while Hovig and I bring the funk and the head bangin’ stuff.

Would you care to explain the inspiration for the new E.P. in the works?

Sarkissian: The inspiration for our E.P., with all musical influences aside, boils down to the relationships and solid friendships that us four have created in our experinces at UCR; spending time together, practicing, rehearsing and performing. It’s also worth mentioning all the help and support we’ve gotten from many of our close friends.

Nate Guzé: These are the songs that we know the best and [feel] best represent us. Our die-hard fans know these songs and they seem to be the favorites. We also made this E.P. to give out to everyone, everywhere because we want people to hear what we have to say! Title is TBA, but it’ll be a good one.

How do you expect the first upcoming tour to go?

Hyman: Very chaotic and stressful, but worth every blood, sweat and tear.

Guzé: I’ve always wanted to take my music on the road, and now I have a chance to do so with these guys. It’ll be tiring, but totally worth it. It’s the logical next step this band needs to take.

Anything else you would like us to know?

Stephen Fong: Special thanks to our fans, friends, parents, teachers and pets who have kept us up these last few years. Their support gives us the space to perform and the reason to create so we are eternally grateful to them. Keep an eye out for our E.P. dropping in early summer.

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    Best of success to each of you as you go for it and take your music to the streets! Oh to be young again. Have a ball you guys!

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