The Blackout Experiment

Posted May 2, 2013 in Music

(WEB)botwMEMBERS: Ryan Yeager (guitar), Brodie Johnson (bass), Jeff Stewart (drums) and Chris West (vocals).


KINDRED SPIRITS: “All the members listen to different stuff which brings a unique sound, but influences are old Iron Maiden, Clutch, [Motorhead and] Pantera.”

RECENT RELEASES: The Blackout Experiment E.P.  (2013).


FREQUENTS: Liam’s Irish Pub (Colton), The Vibe (Riverside), Mission Tobacco Lounge (Riverside) and Kim’s Sports Bar & Grill (Riverside).

If you have a serious craving for killer rifts, raspy lyrics and a night that will guarantee excessive partying with the possibility of not remembering anything the next morning—nod your head to the beats of The Blackout Experiment. At first this group may remind you of a little old school Sabbath. Then, Yeager comes in shredding the guitar so fast that these guys start to resemble the one and only—Iron Maiden. Although you may hear clear influences of famous bands, The Blackout Experiment has a unique rock ‘n’ roll core that’s blended with metal and thrash influences—bringing a dark heaviness to many of its songs including “Egg War” and “Egyptian.” So, keep your ears alert to the upcoming shows of The Blackout Experiment, and grab a bottle of Jack Daniels and make your way to their next show—if you wake up the next day with no recollection of the night before, you have officially time traveled with The Blackout Experiment.

How do you describe your music?

Brodie Johnson: The best way to describe [it] is just heavy in-your-face groove rock ‘n’ roll!

How did the band get together?

Johnson: We started jamming [and] coming up with tunes that [were] in the style we were going for, which was just raw riff orientated solid rock! [We] got together with Jeff, our drummer, who is a great backbone to what were playing. [We] had a previous singer and played some shows with him but [he] didn’t work out. Now have Chris who brings it all together and the band is [a] solid unit now.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

Johnson: We’ve been doing this [about] four years and getting great response. [We] just released [an] E.P., will be doing [a] full length soon and [are] just playing lots of shows [to get] the band out there!



    I wish I was in The Blackout Experiment…


    They sound f***ing awesome from up here…!


    I’ve known some of the band members forever and they rock the stage n crowd …. Congrats my friends n Thnx for keeping it real xxoo

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