Anne of Green Gables

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(WEB)PICK_ANNEThru Sun, May 19

What started out as a bestselling novel from 1908 is now gracing our local theater with a live musical performance. Come revisit the tale of the charming and talkative, freckled redheaded girl with pigtail braids—orphan Anne Shirley. Follow young Anne as she is mistakenly adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, an elderly brother and sister pair, who originally wanted to adopt a boy to help them around the country farmhouse. When Matthew picks her up, Anne’s bright and bubbly personality makes it impossible for him to turn her away. The Cuthberts decide to give Anne a chance, and she is excited to help them in more ways than they have ever imagined. Being a confident young woman, Anne quickly assures the teacher at her new school that they will have a lot in common—after all, her estranged parents were both teachers. She then proves her intelligence by tying first place with another top student for first place honors. She is quick to get along with her classmate Diane Berry, who Anne refers to as her bosom friend—which is equivalent to the modern day BFF. Don’t miss this classic tale of Anne’s journey of making friends, having faith and understanding the beauty of love. You’ll get to see this orphan finally find a place and family that she belongs to.

Lifehouse Theater, 1135 Church St., Redlands, (909) 335-3035; 7:30pm. $14-18.


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