Tush Pushin’ Bachelorette-venture

By Ashley Bennett

Posted May 28, 2013 in Web Only
This weekend I went on a Bachelorette adventure! While events like this are normally reserved for intense partying and expensive bills in Las Vegas and the like. Instead we visited two local venues, had a great time and saved a hell of a lot of money.

The Ontario Improv is great no matter the occasion, despite the required two-item minimum. I’ve seen a few comedians here in the past (Charlie Murphy and Pablo Francisco) but neither time did I try to eat anything, mainly because I found mixed messages on Yelp.com and just didn’t want to take a chance on a $15 plate. Before the show started this time around I ordered the Honey Chicken Pasta. Surprisingly I was pleased with it. Thin strands of linguine pasta weaved around tomato slices, mushrooms and a few thick, slightly overly peppered slices of grilled chicken. Although the dish was lacking in abundance of tomatoes and mushrooms, the added sweetness from the garlic honey cream sauce (which was pretty good despite its runny consistency) was pretty good. Opinions can change when you have somewhat low expectations.

After enjoying a bout of comedian Jeff Garcia’s audience-based jokes, it was off to the city known as “Horsetown USA” where a bar called the Water Wheel Saloon & Deli just recently opened. Staying true to its local roots of horse owners, there are a number of legit horse stalls for those who want to make traveling to the “local water hole” an authentic experience. You probably won’t see something like that anywhere else around the IE. You’ll also know it’s a country bar when you see someone’s pair of spurs just chillin’ on one of the tables.

The Water Wheel seems to house anyone from the most genuine of cowboys to casual bar-goers. We’re talking people of all ages, from the youngest of 21-year-olds to the oldest, modern representation of the Marlboro Man. Country band Dawson’s Gang played music to go along with popular line dances like the familiar “Electric Slide” or aptly named “Tush Push.” It’s pretty much what you think it is. Dinner wasn’t really on my mind while I was tush-pushin’ but  the Water Wheel has a few eye-catching menu items. By day it’s a deli, by night it can be an especially messy order of tri-tip and BBQ ribs.

Ontario Improv, 4555 Mills Cir., Ontario, (909) 484-5411; ontario.improv.com.

Water Wheel Saloon & Deli, 980 6th St., Norco, (951) 898-4630; www.waterwheelnorco.com.


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