Food from the land of Tamriel: The Elder Scrolls Online food truck

By Ashley Bennett

Posted June 18, 2013 in Web Only
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Last week was E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the annual mecca for video game industry professionals meet up in Los Angeles to announce new consoles and games to come for the next year. Intentionally it’s a meeting for investors but hey, it’s about video games—it’s bound to be more fun than your run-of-the-mill press meeting.

Although sadly I didn’t get a ticket into this event, I traveled down to Los Angeles anyway. Yes, I strayed a bit far from our lovely Inland Empire but it was the only location I could find the famous traveling Elder Scrolls Online food truck. Over the years, The Elder Scrolls (TES) games have evolved to take place in different regions of a world called Tamriel, the most recent being The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) which features the icy northern reaches of the world. And dragons.

Most importantly though, this in-depth role-playing game offers a massive amount of food for a player’s character to gather, eat and use as ingredients for a large amount of dishes. Digital apples, herbs, wild animal meat; even “sweetrolls” are on the menu.

Until now, TES games have all been single-player but in celebration of the multiplayer version (The Elder Scrolls Online which is still in development), a food truck was devised. I present to you a real-world Tamriel delicacy: the Pressed Eidarmelt (aka grilled cheese). Two pieces of toasted bread with melted cheddar cheese between them came with the choice of three sauces: Fire-Petal Dip (marinara sauce), Emperor’s Garden (Chef’s pesto) or Tomato-Mammoth (Bolognese), Corkbulb Crisps (Kettle Chips), Tangy Ninroot (pickles) and Alocasia Fruit Juice (fruit punch spritzer).

The Pressed Eidarmelt (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

The Pressed Eidarmelt (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

The Pressed Eidarmelt (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

The Pressed Eidarmelt (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

The grilled cheese was in fact nothing special and its complimentary marinara sauce just what you might expect. It turns out the food was free, so although it was common in terms of taste, it was still a fun way to celebrate a pending game release. Proof of Skyrim’s food truck event in 2011 might have had better food options with a turkey leg, corn on the cob and an actual sweetroll. You know, hearty food for the icy-cold weather of the north and all.

Similarly to what they say about getting to a man’s heart, the way to get to any gamer’s heart is through their stomach too.

The Elder Scrolls Online cinematic looks amazing and you can view the view here and you can also sign up for the beta for a chance to play the game before its initial release (estimated for 2014).

If you want to see the truck for yourself (and perhaps secure some other free SWAG) it will be in SoCal on two different dates later this year.

Thurs, July 18. Comic-Con International, San Diego.

Fri, September 20. University of California, Los Angeles.


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