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MEMBERS: Nichole Macias (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) Albert Burrola (guitar/background vocals), Anthony Burrola (guitar), Chris Hunter (drums/background vocals) and Shawn Hernandez (bass guitar).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Alhambra, Claremont, Covina and West Covina.

KINDRED SPIRITS: David Townsend, Dream Theater, Periphery and Protest the Hero.


FREQUENTS: “We are a new band, so we haven’t played in the IE yet, but we are going to play at Stinger’s Bar and Nightclub in San [Bernardino] on June 15th.”

(WEB)botwStarting off strong with the equivalent to a local tour, Arity is on its way to big and great things for progressive metal. This band may have just gotten together recently, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re amateurs. If you check out their individual bios on, you’ll see that these band members have meant serious business for a while now—all having impressive backgrounds in musical experience. Be sure to check out their new E.P. that should be released by the time you’re reading this called Physics Fall Apart. They’re not only talented, they’re altruistic—if you buy their album on, half of the proceeds go to charity. Rock on.

How did Arity get together? 

Nicole Macias: The guys have all been in different bands with each other before at one point or another and Albert and Anthony’s old band played some shows with Nicole’s old band, and then when those bands didn’t work out, the guys got together and asked Nicole to come sing with them.

What is the story behind your band name? 

Macias: Arity means the number of arguments that a function can take, which also means to reach the periphery of logic before becoming illogical.

Tell us about your song writing process.

Macias: In most cases Albert and Anthony write the music and Nicole writes the lyrics and the melodies.

Arity at Stinger’s Bar and Nightclub, 194 W. Club Center Dr., San Bernardino, (909) 872-0308; Sat, June 15. 9pm. $5-7. 

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