Porcelain Pistols

Posted June 27, 2013 in Music
MEMBERS: eVee Musgrave (vocals/keyboards), Chuy Sandoval (acoustic guitar/electric guitar) and Jaime Molinar (bass/acoustic guitar).

CITY OF ORIGIN: Riverside.

KINDRED SPIRITS: “Our musical influences range from rock, punk, metal, country, etc . . . QOTSA, Chevelle, Gauno Apes, Foo Fighters, STP . . .”

RECENT RELEASES: Porcelain Pistols E.P.  (2011).

WEBSITES: www.porcelainpistols.com and www.facebook.com/porcelainpistols#1.

FREQUENTS: Friar Tuck’s Bar & Grille (Pomona), Fusion Bar & Grill (Ontario) and Characters Sports Bar (Pomona).

(WEB)botwPorcelain Pistols are packin’ heat with substantially more than alternative rock—pushing a thrash edge to contrast what often starts out as beautiful melodic vocals. Singer eVee Musgrave does not disappoint if you’re looking for something slightly heavier (while still being able to make out the words she’s singing), delivering a raw raspiness that crawls into your core. From one song to the next you’ll hear something different . . . “The Chase” starts off with a punk/rockabilly sound—bringing an appropriate upbeat tempo and drawn out lyrics, with moments remindful of a chant-party anthem. Then you’re thrown into “Dreaming,” a ballad that’s reminiscent of their acclaimed musical influence, Foo Fighters—on caffeine. Overall, Porcelain Pistols appeals to the masses while staying true to the various musical talents of each artist, which is often the inspiration that comes with a little “music juice”—ahem, booze.

How did your band get together?

Chuy Sandoval: Jaime & I have been in a few projects together since 2004 with different musicians stepping in and out. There was a certain chemistry that was felt the first time we jammed together; can’t explain, but at that time we wanted to try something different from our hardcore metal background and we nailed it that rehearsal. We continued writing and finally gave Craigslist a shot in 2010. So we went through that nightmare and almost gave up until we [saw] eVee’s ad. She had recorded some cool pop stuff, but what caught us was her influences and the range on her [vocals]. I called eVee to pitch our music and band. We agreed to meet in Riverside and play our music for her. The session went well and she dug it, but we still had not heard [back from] her, and the following week she brought a 12-pack, ripped through a few songs with us and it was that feeling again that Jaime and I had in 2004, [kind of] magical!

What is the story behind the name of your band?

Jaime Molinar: It was almost a rock paper scissor game. We all had to come up with a few names and we voted on it. I think some of the names had each one of the words and eVee said Porcelain Pistols . . . and we all looked at each other with a grin . . . that was it. Of course we test ran it through some friends and [family] (not that they [were] going to give us a biased opinion, but they liked it) and we loved it . . . so we kept the name.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

Molinar: We have been together going on three years in October. The history behind us as individual musicians and bands we performed in is a major root in this band. We are not your everyday garage band, though that is pretty much where we come from, but we have tons of stage, recording and writing experience. Our live shows are our best assets. We always look forward to performing for an audience . . . it’s what we live for.

Porcelain Pistols at Romano’s Concert Lounge, 5225 Canyon Crest Dr., Riverside, (951) 781-7662; www.theconcertlounge.com. Fri, June 28. 9pm. 21 and over. 


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