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By James Abraham

Posted June 13, 2013 in News
George BushProtesters get ready to accuse former Prez George W. Bush of war crimes

A fan of George W. Bush? No? Join a cadre of like-minded thinkers today in the desert as activists and organizers gather to protest the former president’s keynote address at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa. Entitled “Never Forgive, Never Forget: The Trial of George W. Bush,” the protest is slated to gather at the Morongo Travel Center (a gas station) at 49020 Seminole Dr., Cabazon. I’m sure they’re gonna make some noise.

What’s the beef? Organizers cite the estimated 654,965 to 1.5 million lives lost due to the war in Iraq alone—and that blood is on Bush’s hands, activists say. But let the activists put it in their own words: “[W]e the protestors are asking for all of those interested to protest and to never forgive and never forget George Bush’s war crimes. They are demanding justice for the dead and the rest of humanity who continue to bear the tragic burdens of the War on Terror—that will only continue, so long as we obey and ignore its existence,” according to written statement sent to the Weekly.

Bush’s word-dropping comes with a $175,000 speaking fee (from private money) at this event organized by the Western Riverside Council of Governments.

Organizers plan on gathering at the Travel Center at 3pm and have invited the media to meet with them at 4pm.

Protest speakers include Marc Lombardo and LouAnn Annie Edwards of Occupy Riverside, Lorraine Salas of Occupy Coachella Valley, Tom Swann of Veterans for Peace and Michael Prysner of ANSWER LA.

A spoken word presentation by Matt Sedillo—the LA Grand Slam Winner from 2011—and Matt Snyder, of the 28ers is also part of the protest.

According to The Press-Enterprise, the press was not invited to the event nor Bush’s speech.

“We must be absolutely certain that the event is closed to the press and that there is no public ticketing offered,” according to the conditions that had to be met before Bush was confirmed to speak, according to The P-E.

Media blackout? Hey, it’s just like the old days, Dubya!

Need to sync up with the protest? Go here.



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