Hell’s Kitchen Casting Call

By Ashley Bennett

Posted June 18, 2013 in Web Only
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Applying to be one of the proud few who dare to try-out for the infamous Hell’s Kitchen makes you one tough individual. It’s an intense, stress-inducing competition where “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” means that the anger of Chef Gordon Ramsay manifests in the form of fire blazing from his eyes and mouth like a terrifying dragon with cooking knives in his claws…or, hands.

19-2 Hell's Kitchen Casting Call (4)

But fame, glory and one hell of a culinary resume reference can be yours—if you can prove to the show producers that you’ve got what it takes. Experience in the culinary field (whether you’re a top-notch, educated chef or a badass cafeteria worker) is a must, but you’ve got to be determined and unyielding when it comes to criticism. Your chances will probably heighten if you’re a drama queen or king. You might also have a good shot if you’re the kind of person that people love to hate (In TV there’s always one). However if any of you locals make it to the show, we’re rootin’ for you.

Wed, June 19. 9am-2pm. Riverside City College Culinary Academy, 1155 Spruce St., Riverside, (951) 222-8000; www.aacademic.rcc.edu.

Tues, June 25-Wed, June 26. 10am-2pm.Dos Lagos Stadium Theatre 15, 2710 Lakeshore Dr., Corona, (951) 795-4410. 


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