Cry Me a Rios

By Staff

Posted June 28, 2013 in Web Only
Even with disgraced MoVall school board Mike Rios gone, the clusters keep comin‘

The Watch Dog Crime Blog LogoTo those of us, who have been eagerly monitoring the Mike Rios case, like your trusty Watch Dog, there’s no end in sight to the weird directions this sordid mess will take. First, for our ardent readers who are still playing catch-up, the now-former Moreno Valley School Board member (MoVall parents and teachers, don’t this make ya proud?) was convicted of being a pimp back in March. A straight-up pimp. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Rios still had other legal issues to contend with: attempted murder charges stemming from an unconnected matter (this guy’s a piece of work, eh?). The charges were eventually dropped, but Rios will still be facing legal music (on top of the 14 years he must serve for that pimpin’ thing) in this matter.

More recently, The Watch Dog learned that even with Rios out of the way (his seat on the MoVall school board was vacated, understandably, once the ink dried on his conviction), there were still clusters all around. As a replacement, the school board appointed Gary Baugh, who used to serve on the board, The Press-Enterprise reports, from 1999 to 2002.mike rios mugshot

Sorry, not gonna be that easy, is it? You, see Baugh, a member of the LDS church, had also been the Riverside County director for the Yes on 8 campaign. Remember Proposition 8? The whole gay-shouldn’t-be-allowed-to-marry-here-in-California-no-way-no-how push? Note to the Moreno Valley school board: hire a background checker.

Anyways, Baugh’s been ousted, via a petition, and a new election’s been ordered to fill the empty seat. The seat expires December 2014.

Adding a special school board election to the Nov. 5 ballot will cost about $35,000, The P-E notes..

Interested in recapping how this bloody mess started? Have a flashback and go here.


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