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With 9 different topics, we’re going to need all the help we can get, preparing a Student Survival Guide for our Back To School Guide. Let us know what your answers would be! Email your responses and your information to and we could feature YOU in our Back to School Guide!

1. Necessary Dorm Supplies

- What supplies can help make a dorm comfortable and functional, while on a budget?

- Where is the best kept secret for a student on a budget to find must have supplies for their dorm? (IKEA, thrift stores, etc)

2. Technology

- What is one piece of technology you couldn’t survive the semester without? (smart phone, tablet, laptop, iPod, etc)

- What one piece of technology makes the college experience a little bit easier? (smart phone, TV, tablet, laptop, iPod, etc)

3. Entertainment

- How can a student get the most bang for their buck when looking for entertainment? (matinee movies, hole in the wall coffee shops with free live music)

- How do you entertain yourself when your head isn’t in a text book? (movies, shows, people watching, playing music)

4. Buy/Sell Books

- Where is the best place to buy and/or sell books?

5. Fall Fashion

- What key clothing/accessories keep your fall outfits fashionable, yet functional during your busy school days? (scarves, beanies, a great standard pea coat, etc)

6. Music

- What one album released this year will be your go to soundtrack for the semester? (Kanye’s Yeezus, J. Coles’ Born Sinner, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, etc)

- What one album will be your go to soundtrack for the semester?

7. Fitness/Health

- How can a college student keep the freshman 15 at bay without splurging on a gym membership or buying into expensive diets?

- Where can a student find healthy and delicious eats that won’t break the bank or cause you to break your belt?

- One school day can be an all day ordeal, but ignoring a fitness regimen can bring a lifetime of health woes. What are a few quick workouts that are effective, but can also be executed fast?

8. Balancing Work and Play

- What time management tips can you give to help keep a student’s grades in check, but also keep free time a reality?

- What kind of study tips can best help lock in information come test day? (reviewing notes immediately after class, flashcard, etc etc)

9. Getting Involved

- Where are the best ways to get involved on campus that can better your college experience and even make your transcripts that much more attractive? (i.e. join student newspaper, civics club, volunteer work, attend sports games, etc)

- Most underutilized school services (health services, counseling, free art exhibits if your college has the option like Chaffey, Riverside, Claremont)?

- Where/how to network and meet new people on campus (sometimes it’s hard making new friends)?

- Getting in good with your professors: how to make a good impression and possibly reap the benefits of leniency (be interactive in class, be on time, introduce yourself the first day of class, etc)?


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