Three Cheers for the Red, White and Bacon!

By Ashley Bennett

Posted July 3, 2013 in Eats

(WEB)eatsSlater’s 50/50 has got the burgers and all the bacon you could ever dream of

Bacon is a sinful meat, not so much do I reference religious beliefs but more in the sense of an eating addiction that’s hard to shake; thanks to a long-lasting craving for the taste of that salty, savory meat that seems to go well with almost every food. Many people wouldn’t hesitate to eat a bowl of bacon as if it were a cereal for adults (the motto of which would undoubtedly be “It’s sinfully delicious!”) as a challenge done in honor of the masculine meat-only baking YouTube channel, EpicMealTime. Slater’s 50/50 highlights the many of uses of bacon in more sophisticated ways as it’s mixed with beef patties, appears in various sauces (baconnaise, anyone?) and even topped on milkshakes.

Slater’s newest location in Rancho Cucamonga (which just opened this week) caters to both the burger-eating beer drinkers as well as families, too. On the bar-side of the place is a massive selection of taps chosen by Slater’s established and knowledgeable “Beermonger.” The other side is a large dining area that’s got the seating to match the traffic, especially for large groups and families who want a taste of what Slater’s has got to offer.

You could please the senses by beginning with a sweet helping of Sweet Potato Fries (and an equally sweet side of pumpkin dipping sauce) but in an atmosphere for bigger groups like this one, look no further than the Slater’s Vampire Dip. Here to save you from the newest season of True Blood, this massive, sourdough bread-bowl is filled with addicting gooey cheese and garlic dipping mixture served with a number of pita chips and bread. Eat it while it’s hot though or that cheese will start to become less easily separated from the bowl.

Slater’s got a few unique items up its sleeve but it’s mainly a burger joint. Big, fat gourmet burgers. Slater’s employs a “Burger of the Month” and July’s themed burger is The ‘Murica Burger. With the image of an overweight American sporting a patriotic United States flag in one hand and a massive burger about to be devoured in the other, it’s not hard it imagine how perfectly it sums up your average Fourth of July. A bacon-pretzel bun barely has the potential to hold in a few thick slices of bacon, bacon cheddar cheese, a sunny-side-up egg and “bacon island dressing;” the juices of which ooze all over that 50/50 (half-beef, half-bacon) patty. If this burger is somehow not enough, you’re welcome to make your own beast of a burger via Slater’s “Design It” option.

Unique to the new Slater’s is a few new additions to the menu, mainly to make sure customers who are less thrilled to eat a burger have some decent options. The Kale Quinoa Salad for instance brings a fresh dish, honoring the super food of the year, to an otherwise terribly unhealthy menu. Don’t roll your eyes; it may be green but the citrusy flavors mixing with crunchy red onions and sunflower seeds can be plenty filling. I would also recommend the Twice Grilled Cheese Sandwich, a treat generously layered with cheese on the inside but also grilled with crunchy layer of cheese on the exterior. It also comes with a side of freshly made hearty tomato soup (note to parents: I sat next to a kid who ate it with no problem).

Oh my goodness and the DESSERTS. Emphasis by capitalization isn’t even enough to express how Slater’s S’mores Milkshake sweetens you to the very core. Furthermore the even sweeter Bacon Blondie gives sinful a whole new meaning. Two amazingly soft brownies are layered with peanut butter icing, drizzled with chocolate and topped with some old-fashioned vanilla ice-cream. Yum.

There’s no better way to celebrate America’s independence than a deliciously fattening feast of meat (or an opposing health nut’s strength kale salad). Of course, don’t forget to pay homage to the country’s founding fathers and all too.

Slater’s 50/50, 8009 Day Creek Rd., Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 803-1991; AE, D, MC, V.


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