D.I.Y. Independence

By Kimberly Johnson

Posted July 3, 2013 in Events

The grass is always greener when you mow it yourself

We’re trading big budgets and production teams for frugality and that good ol’ D.I.Y. ethic— this week, the Weekly goes grassroots. While everyone is out enjoying their traditional freedom-day festivities this week, we have a few tantalizing alternatives to the family fairs and backyard BBQs for the Curious George in you.

“Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism”

"Darwin's R-Evolution" by Thomas Edward Stubbs

Darwin’s R-Evolution by Thomas Edward Stubbs

For the art aficionados looking to see something a little less conventional this Fourth of July, painter Thomas Edward Stubbs will be exhibiting his work entitled “Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism.”  The opening of the 31 piece art installation will be exhibited at Blood Orange Info Shop (BOIS) in Downtown Riverside. The grassroots style venue has been making waves over the IE for their equally pressing art exhibits and live music performances, housing some of the best D.I.Y shows this side of the Hollywood Hills. Join Stubbs and the BOIS team this Thursday from 6-9pm.


The Blood Orange Infoshop

3485 University Ave, # 2, Riverside.



Fletcher C. Johnson

Fletcher C. Johnson

American Zombie Warehaus Invasion III

Now if you’re looking for something a little more hands-on to add to your agenda, test the waters at the American Zombie Warehaus Invasion III on July 6.  Yes, the title catches your eye and yes, we promise the entertainment offered will be equally as compelling. For starters, red, white and blue clothing is encouraged, as well as zombie attire. If you’re an optimistic and adventurous stylist you can try your hand at a collaboration of the two—your pick. A buy/trade/sell pop-up shop will be open for all interested in participating. Be an early bird attendee and set up shop at 2pm, sale goes from 3-6pm.  But if you’re more concerned with utilizing your dancing shoes, the lineup is chock full of bands to sway your hips to, all night with performances by The Frights, Fletcher C. Johnson, and Death Lens to name a few. If you’re still unsure of what to expect, think 70’s punk revival meets Buddy Holly.


Rad Stop Cycle

297 E. Stowell St, Upland.



Open Mic Night at The Dial

TheDial Poster

As mentioned before, frugal is the name of the game. With this said, after a brief hiatus, The Dial in Murrieta is reopening its doors on July 5 with a free of charge Open Mic Night. The all ages venue welcomes its local artists with open arms by giving them a platform to say what’s on their minds. Have an affinity to give a spoken word on your opinions of America? The door is wide open. Want to lighten the mood with a 5 minute comedy set? The offer stands. Now, back in full effect, the venue will be hosting a month full of shows, comedy showcases, movie viewings, and exists more banded together by a collective unit of musicians, artists, and creative kindred spirits. The Dial is run by the very audience it serves—keeping its roots close to home.


The Dial

41679 Date St. Ste. B, Murrieta.





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