On Being Human

Posted July 11, 2013 in Music
MEMBERS: Travis Baker  (vocals/guitar), Gustin Flaig (drums), Beau Trembly (bass/synth), Greg Lesondak (guitar) and Greg Johnson (guitar).


KINDERED SPIRITS: Radiohead, Muse, Thrice, Offspring, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars and composers like Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman and Michael Giacchino.

RECENT RELEASES: eVe (Jan. 2013).

WEBSITES: www.onbeinghumanmusic.com

FREQUENTS: “The Wire in Upland has always been great to us. Small venue but feels great when it’s packed out and the sound there is really good. The Vault in Temecula has been our hometown venue for a few years now as well too!”

(WEB)botwOn Being Human has a huge sound that rides a fine line between rock stars and composers. These guys are unlike any band you’re likely to find in the I.E., but you may have unknowingly heard them if you’re into gaming. “We score films in the Middle East as well as video games for Wii and Xbox 360.” The name came from a poem by C.S. Lewis about the correlation between man and angels and what it means to be human.

How did you get involved in music/how did your band form?

Travis always wanted to be a rock star! He started a punk band called Gusto in 2000 which consisted of some of the original members of On Being Human. They picked up Beau in 2003 and changed the name and the sound. It wasn’t until 2004 though that it became On Being Human. Greg Johnson played in a band called Torrent from Ontario and came into the band in 2008 after becoming friends with Travis via shows in the local scene. Greg Lesondak went to high school with Greg J and he joined at the end of 2011 and last but not least Gustin joined us only a couple weeks ago!

How would you describe the music?

We like to call our genre “adventure rock” but really it’s just alternative/electronic rock. I think what sets us apart from other bands is our love of film and video game soundtracks. We try to implement the sonic elements of those genres in a more traditional rock setting. Lots of electronic percussion interlaced with big back-beat drums and heavy guitars.

Would you care to explain the inspiration for the new E.P. eVe?

We went through a transformation as a band around 2011 and decided to streamline our song writing. Over the last few years we’ve had the pleasure of travelling and meeting awesome musicians who would give us great advice and we just wanted to try to advance our songwriting. We also had progressed in our skills as producers and decided to record it and mix it ourselves. The idea behind that was to deliver the songs exactly how we heard them in our heads to the best of our ability. We weren’t trying to cut corners though; we rented our Alchemy Studios in Murrieta, and hired Matt Marquez (Heartist) to track the drums in a huge room. We hired a 24-piece string section for our song “Chasing the Sun” and really tried to make sure everything was recorded professionally.

What about the IE intrigues you?

It’s our home. We grew up here and in a lot of ways where you come from can influence your music. As young teenagers in the scene we played metal and punk, but we found ourselves along the way. When we get to travel we really don’t see anything else quite like the IE, it’s like an endless stretch of city from L.A. to Palm Springs. It’s so diverse and so massive that it makes for a melting pot of cultures.

Anything else you would like us to know?

Check us out on Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Instagram! We’re dropping a new album at the end of the year so keep an eye out for that!


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