Positively PANTyRAID

By Alex Distefano

Posted July 11, 2013 in Music

(WEB)musicThe two-person EDM powerhouse gets real

With a name like PANTyRAID, one might expect frat boys, or music with misogynistic lyrics, or worse.

But, that isn’t what you get with the Electronic Dance Music (EDM)/DJ duo, known as PANTyRAID, featuring Martin Folb (Marty Party) and Josh Mayer (Ooah). Formed in 2008 as a side project between the two EDM music-makers and producers, PANTyRAID has taken on a life of its own, and is a favorite among fans EDM music seeking something unique, yet vibrant in the EDM music scene.

With a second full length album out, entitled Pilllowtalk, Marty Party took time to share his thoughts on EDM with the Weekly. He chats about the band’s most recent album, playing the music in a live setting, the culture of EDM, and PANTyRAID’s upcoming appearance at the Lightning In A Bottle Festival, held in Temecula July 11 thru July 15.

“This is another concept album, and there is something for everybody on it,” Marty said, about Pillowtalk, which came out over a year ago. It has all genres of EDM, and we’re glad it’s doing well, it’s number four and in the top 30 or something on iTunes now.”

Marty said that most of the time, life is fun on the road with PANTyRAID, and he sees no real difficulties in terms of the music. “There is no challenge in the actual playing of our music live,” he said. “It’s really easy, fun and dancey stuff. The only challenges are logistics traveling around, moving around. Playing the tracks and enjoying the show is the best part.”

According to Marty, the musical concept for the duo known as PANTyRAID originated in 2006. Marty and Ooah both worked as producers in the EDM scene, and came to hear each other’s music. “We decided soon after that to do a DJ act and let people hear the music we had created. It was two people with similar backgrounds in this type of music coming together.”

Marty said that PANTyRAID does well across the country, it survives and thrives at playing live shows to fans. “Any major city in the U.S., we’re selling out major venues now,” Marty said. “We do well on both coasts, in the Midwest, up North, in the South. We have fun—all over people are starting to appreciate what we are trying to say,” he said. “We don’t stick to any genres and are not into being labeled as only one type of EDM. We mix all varieties together in one big dance party people don’t really get to experience any other way.”

Marty said that he feels the EDM movement, does parallel the “rave” scene, but doesn’t equate the music with any sort of drug culture often affiliated with raves.

“I’m 43 years old I’ve been through a lot of living already,” he said. “I came up with techno, trance, house music and ecstasy, and then hip-hop. That just grabbed me and made me want to make music.”

Marty said that what he loves about the EDM music scene and subculture is the fans. “The most important thing today is the community,” he said. “Shows are meeting places for people to come together for the love of the music and culture, kind of like early hip-hop, in some ways”

“EDM is the new hip-hop, or cross between all cultures fashion way of thinking music it’s the younger people’s version of rock n roll if you think about it. It can come in many forms dub step, trap, and electro, house or trance, but it’s all the same music.

Marty said he and Ooah are ecstatic to be playing the Lightning in a Bottle Festival in Temecula this coming weekend, and look forward to sharing the music with fans and dancers. “We can’t wait to come back, we love California and the LIB festival should be an amazing experience.”

At the end of the day, Marty said, PANTyRAID is all about a positive vibe in the music. “We’re all about the dance party. We give the fans their money’s worth, and play for two to three hours. So, if you want to come check us out, really let go and forget your troubles to the music—that is what PANTyRAID is all about.”

PANTyRAID at Lightning In A Bottle Festival, Lake Skinner, Temecula. (951) 926-1541; lightninginabottle.org. July 14. 10:30PM. Tickets $90 – $275. All ages.


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